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Engineer Wrench

By Nature

I love working with projects, developing and renewing old ideas. I think out of the box and I always seek a way to make things easier and more efficient.
I am currently taking a bachelor of engineering degree in Healthcare Technology at Technical University of Denmark.

Ambulance and Firefighter

And Firefighter

I was educated at Copenhagen Fire Brigade as an ambulance driver and a firefighter. In Denmark there are three nevels of authority. First is the assistant, then the medic and last paramedic. I was educated as assistant. The experience and knowledge about human behavior I've gotten from this is indescribable.

Kickboxer and Coach

And Coach

I have been training martial arts since I was 11 years old. I am now training kickboxing and was about to go international but unfortunately I had a rough shoulder injury which put me back for about a year and a half. Meanwhile my shoulder heals I coach the beginners at my club.

Who is Casper Nybroe? Learn what made me who I am today

With fear of appearing self-absorbed I have created this page to tell more about myself and who I am. Learn what my skills are, what knowledge I have, see a list of my current projects and see or download my CV.


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